Mission impossible

Trying to unite any country in anything is very difficult indeed. Trying to unite England, at a point in our history when we feel as divided as we’ve been for centuries, is absolutely impossible. Our government doesn’t even try, instead pandering to their base, the exceptionally wealthy, whilst pretending to care about the less wellContinue reading “Mission impossible”

The longest weekend

There’s always someone worse off than yourself. I start almost every blog like this when I’m going to whinge about something. My privilege, as usual, is thoroughly checked (privilege level: very high compared to worldwide; moderate in the UK.) As always, though, illnesses and medical conditions don’t tend to care whether you’re privileged or not.Continue reading “The longest weekend”

A National Problem

For anyone who reads this blog regularly, a quick warning: this post is not only about football, but also about niche football politics. However, it’s about more than that, because a great many football clubs are at the heart of their communities and are currently being threatened from all directions. When that threat starts toContinue reading “A National Problem”


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